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Starting a new diet can be confusing. When you begin eating Plant-based, you may ask yourself, “What foods should I eat and what’ foods need to be avoided altogether? Are there any good substitutes for my favorite non-Vegan dishes? How do I go about finding the best Vegan recipes?”

Vegan Plan’s Quickstart Guide answers these questions and more, providing all you need to be successful transitioning to Veganism:

A Complete Kit for Vegan Success

Our Quickstart Guide goes beyond books and courses, providing a comprehensive set of resources geared to get you eating Vegan the right way, today.

The Quickstart Guide by Chapter

Chapter 1

About the Diet

The second chapter introduces you to the history of Veganism, as well as the scientific evidence supporting it. We also cover the main foods that you need to avoid for optimal health (and why!), and the 3 habits that will keep you feeling great.

Chapter 2

Benefits of a Vegan Diet

In this chapter, you’ll see the top 10 health benefits of going Vegan / Plant-based at-a-glance.

Chapter 3

What foods are Vegan

This chapter covers an extensive list of foods that are Vegan, a list of excellent Vegan substitues for non-vegan foods and some more information on Soy

Chapter 4

Recipes for every occasion

Over 30 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, smoothies and snacks to make sure you feel inspired to make and try new, delicious foods.

Chapter 5

4 week meal plan

This chapter provides 4 full weeks of meal planning, making your Quickstart as simple as possible!

Chapter 6

Shopping List + Tips

A complete list of books, bloggers, hard to find Vegan snacks, prepackaged meals, meal delivery services, and more to help you on your journey.

Eating Vegan Has Never Been More Delicious and Healthy


Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl

This is a super easy breakfast to make. Full of micronutrients and energy to fuel your day, plus fats to keep you satisfied. You can try it with different nuts and seeds for a variety of nutrients and flavours. All you need is a blender...and this recipe will help you keep hydrated too.


Fridge Drawer Salad with Chilliand Peanut Dressing

Raw Vegetables have an amazing crunch and texture in this recipe. The best thing is: use what you have, what you like, and what makes your bowl of food the most colourful (variety of colours = more micronutrients).The Chilli and Peanut dressing gives this salad a nice little kick and contains healthy fats which help keep you full for longer.


Hummus and Carrot Sticks

Chickpeas and Tahini are loaded with good proteins, fats and other vitamins and minerals! They are amazing as a base, but sometimes people think hummus lacks flavour...not this one: spice it the traditional Moroccan way with garlic, lemon, salt, cumin and coriander: This recipe takes only a few minutes and makes a luscious snack you can eat any time of the day, and best of all, it's super healthy!


Roasted Mediteranean Vegetableswith Spiced Red Kidney Bean Balls

Red Kidney Beans don’t seem like something you’d think to use as 'meatballs', but they actually work out nicely. With a good selection of spices and lots of fresh herbs, they go nicely with a generous portion of roasted vegetables for an easy, comforting meal.

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Elspeth is an expert Vegan chef with significant ex-perience working for the super-rich as a private vegan chef. She uses her knowledge of nutrition and skillset in the kitchen to ensure people eat the most flavour and health from their meals. She is an avid CrossFitter and often hosts private Vegan cooking courses, working with clients to find the best nutri-tional solutions within a Vegan framework to solve their health issues.

Joseph Edwards

Fitness Obsessed and Vegan-Plan Founder

Joe is passionate about fitness and veganism. He has personally helped multiple clients who have gone on to lose a significant amount of weight: better yet their energy levels are higher. He is of course a Vegan himself. Joseph is a keen trainer of CrossFit and ex-periments with endurance challenges.

Get Your Copy of The VeganPlan Vegan Quick start Guide Today!

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