About Vegan Plan and Our Expert Team

Our goal at Vegan Plan is to make eating and living a Plant-based diet as easy and affordable as possible.

We realised that with our experience and skill-sets that we were the best people to create a meal plan service that tastes delicious and is easy to stick to.

We arrived at veganism through our own personal journey’s. This natural progression towards a plant-based diet has given us the perspective to know what other people are going through and to know the best ways we would have loved to have been helped when we were making the change.

The Vegan Plan Team

Elspeth Humm: Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and Professionally Trained Vegan Chef

Joseph Edwards: Vegan-Plan Founder, Fitness Obsessed


Elspeth Humm: Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and Professionally Trained Vegan Chef

I am a Certified Heath and Nutrition Coach having studied with the school of Integrative Nutrition based in New York. After receiving my training I started pursuing my passion for food and nutrition even further and moved to Italy to train as a chef.

I spent many years working on super yachts as a traditional private chef before discovering and adopting a plant-based vegan lifestyle. This happened almost accidentally through my pursuit for better health after a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Through adopting a plant-based diet and becoming slightly obsessed with what I was putting into my body and the positive effects that a healthy lifestyle can have, I ended up completely reversing all of my symptoms! With growing awareness of the evidence mounting against the efficacy of mainstream nutrition principles and the obvious signs of decline in the health status of children and adults including myself, I went Vegan and changed my life. It turned out that all I had to do was EAT NATURAL FOOD.

This led to me starting my first business: Elspeth’s Kitchen a Vegan dessert company, focusing on Raw, Gluten-Free, Soya-Free and Refined Sugar-Free cakes which are stocked into cafe’s and restaurants, enabling people to eat food that is good for you and good for the planet.

From there I continued to experiment with gastronomy and how to create indulgent food that maintained my focus on veganism and health…I arrived at Norty, a vegan business that creates Organic, Refined Sugar-Free Nut Butters that honestly taste better than any nut butter you’ve ever tried before.

I’m a keen exerciser, having now completed a number of Triathlons and Marathons, I love a good goal to work towards to help grow my mind and body. Since switching to Veganism I have consistently found that I have higher energy levels, higher endurance and my recovery time is noticeably shorter. My friends can see a difference in me, they say I look “brighter” which is exactly how I feel. No brain-fog, just lightness.

I am currently travelling the world, working in various countries as a chef and managing my businesses remotely. I love to work with clients on Skype to help them on their personal health journeys, helping people understand themselves better, listen to themselves better and meet them where they are at.

When I’m not working and researching all things Vegan, I enjoy delving deeper down the rabbit hole of nutrition.

My role at Vegan Plan involves Private Vegan Health Coaching, posting original recipes and answering comments and questions about nutrition.

Joseph Edwards: Vegan Plan Founder, Fitness Obsessed

I am a very open person as I find it helps me to stay true to myself…I was bulimic for 10 years, developing the illness at University through the pursuit of being ‘body beautiful’.

I got trapped in a cycle of relapse despite having CBT, participating in group therapy sessions and seeing a therapist…that was until I discovered Veganism. I tried it on a whim after a Vegan friend suggested I try it for a week, after all, 1 week isn’t a long period of time. Almost immediately, for the first time in 10 years I felt the freedom from food guilt that I had longed for.

I stayed on a vegan diet from that point forward, reading all I could about the principles of Veganism. Although I began my journey from a health perspective I can’t lie, the knowledge that I was no longer actively participating in animals lives being taken for me to eat felt morally good.

I began to speak more about my mental health, informing people about how I arrived at Veganism and was amazed by not only the reception of me baring my previous ‘secret’, but also by the number of people I met who had gone through a similar journey: finally feeling a freedom around food that a ‘traditional’ diet simply didn’t enable.

I love to exercise and when I took up Cross Fit I found myself performing at a higher level than I thought I had potential for, the best thing being I took hardly any time to recover: when my smart exercise watch told me I’d need 3 days to recover, I’d wake up the next morning feeling fresh and eager to train again.

In 2019 I launched a Vegan Mylk business: offering zero-waste milk to my city, served in glass bottles and delivered by bicycle. It was my first step in the direction of encouraging people towards a diet that I’ve benefitted from hugely. The business began to grow, however I became distracted. Distracted by a larger opportunity to introduce people to Veganism: that’s when The Vegan Plan was born, and here I am, hoping to help you with your Vegan or Plant-based journey too. I’ve been through it and would love to answer any of your questions.