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Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl


Fridge Drawer Salad with Chilli and Peanut Dressing


Hummus and Carrot Sticks


Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Spiced Red Kidney Bean Ballsr

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Vean Plan Joe and Elspeth

About Vegan Plan and Our Expert Team

Our goal at Vegan Plan is to make eating and living a Plant-based diet as easy and affordable as possible. We realised that with our experience and skillset, that we were the best people to create a meal plan service that tastes delicious and is easy to stick to...

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Recipe: Ferrero Rocher Balls

Ferrero Rocher’s used to be a favourite indulgent dessert for Elspeth our founder, but after turning vegan she realised she could no longer snack on these cheeky chocolates! Instead she got creative in the kitchen and made her own fully vegan...


About Vegan Plan and Our Expert Team

30 days eating only Vegan foods doesn't have to be a big strain: lots of the food you eat normally be is probably vegan. Let us help you get started with ease. Vegan challenges are a popular way to introduce a greater variety of healthy protein, veggies, and ...